EU Commission’s Erasmus Programme to finance courses in Basque, Catalan and Galician

The European Commission have announced today that from the academic year 2010-2011, the Erasmus Programme will fund intensive language courses in Spain's co-official languages Basque, Catalan and Galician for prospective Erasmus students who want to study at universities where these languages are used.

Greenland: speaking Kalaallisut to the Naalakkersuisut

On Sunday Greenland ushered in a new era of self-governance that may lead to eventual independence from Denmark, its ruler since 1721. Kalaallisut, also known as Greenlandic, a traditional Inuit language, is the country’s official language, and Greenlanders are now recognized under international law as a separate people from Danes.

Scottish and Irish acts win Nòs Ùr song contest

Last Saturday night two young acts were chosen to represent the Celtic and Scots languages at the Liet International song contest for European lesser used languages. Ten acts from the various Celtic and Scots languages travelled from far and wide to Eden Court Theatre, Inverness, Scotland, to perform in front of an enthusiastic audience. The event was also broadcast live over the internet.